Symmetry Health Chiropractic   4432 Ingraham St  San Diego,CA92109   (858) 270-2225
Symmetry Health Chiropractic
4432 Ingraham St
San DiegoCA 92109
 (858) 270-2225

Reviews Of Symmetry Health Chiropractic

5.00 54 Reviews
nicole champagne
Sep 10, 2018

Marcia Wigdahl
Aug 28, 2018

Dr Mick is the best..!Good location, he knows his craft well ..has helped my back and hip issues, and sets a good example in his own lifestyle.

David Mack
Aug 28, 2018

Dr.Mick is the absolute best!! He treats you like an old friend just after the first visit.

matt flores
Aug 13, 2018

Dr. Wilson works wonders! Messed up my back and neck from lifting/squatting. He fixed me within 3 visits!

Susie McDonough
Aug 01, 2018

Felt like my issue turned around almost 100% after my first session w Dr Mik, and that was after 8 months of discomfort.

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